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Hi – I’m Stephen and I’m a qualified life coach, psychologist and personal development coach based in Bristol, UK.

I provide one-on-one life coaching that is confidential, non-judgmental and designed to support you in making clear, positive changes – whatever that looks like for you. Whether you want to enhance your work, personal or social life, my coaching method is designed to help you reflect, grow and make things happen for yourself.

Here you’ll find plenty of information about personal development coaching and its benefits, but the only way to discover the power of coaching is to try it for yourself. Read more about the services I offer here.

Coaching is all about discovering where you want to go, then identifying the steps you need to take to get there. Read more about personal coaching.

Working with Stephen helped me to manage the transition from full-time work to self-employment and cultivate a sense of direction. His advice not only improved my professional life, but my overall personal sense of balance and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Stephen as a coach to anyone making the transition from education to work, people who are feeling lost and directionless or those going from full-time work into self-employment.
Eliza, Creative Freelancer

Stephen was engaging, easy to talk to and fantastic at asking questions at the right time. Stephen asked insightful follow-up questions to points that I brushed over to reveal blind spots that we then worked on. At the end of each session, I felt like a weight had been lifted. As the managing director of a business, I was feeling stressed and pushed for time. If you’re in a similar position to me, make the time to book in a session! It will give you clarity, headspace and focus. Couldn’t recommend Stephen enough!
Jamie, Managing Director

Stephen is a very good listener. He is excellent at setting achievable goals. I lacked motivation at first and he showed me how to make small steps towards my main objective.
Andrew, Presentation Controller

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