Bristol Coaching Services

I offer various coaching services which will be tailored to your goals after an initial chat. Get in touch for a free initial consultation below. 

Initial consultation – FREE

The place to start if you’re new to coaching or looking for a new personal coach.

This is a chance for us to meet, discuss what you’re looking for from coaching and see whether my coaching style clicks for you. An initial consultation isn’t mandatory, but it can be a useful place to start.

Single session – £65

Useful if you’re looking to discuss a particular topic and pick up some quick actions to take forward.

It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to get to the root of a problem in one session, but it can be a productive option if you’re anxious about a particular event or decision that’s coming up.

Six session package – £351

Most popular – 10% off

We’ll be able to fully explore the areas that you’re looking to improve and look carefully at the mindset or situations that could be holding you back.

By the end of the sixth session, you’ll be able to see significant improvements in the area you’ve chosen to focus on.

Coaching Services

Frequently asked questions

Where do you provide your coaching services?

I am based in Bristol, UK and like to keep sessions informal and relaxed, taking advantage of one of the many cafes Bristol has to offer!

I’m also happy to accommodate a ‘walk and talk’ coaching session around one of Bristol’s parks or the Harbourside. 

What if I need training on a specific skill?

In addition to coaching services, I also provide separate training sessions on skills including:

  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Interview preparation
  • Creativity and teamwork

Please enquire about training through this form.