Hey everyone,

In this blog post and the accompanying video, I’ll introduce the model we’ll use over the next six weeks to help us nail 2021.

The model is a collection of different concepts I use in coaching that when combined, have provided my clients with everything they need to develop their own framework for improvement, changing behaviour, and achieving their personal goals.

Combining these concepts will give your improvement planning enough structure to consider all the angles, while also giving you enough flexibility to personalize the system to include the techniques and methods that work for you.

The Model

The Phases

Here are the three different phases you need to consider when wanting to implement a positive change for yourself:

  1. Direction: The first phase is to understand the direction you want to go in your life at this time. This is your compass point, the overall aims or goals that you want to achieve. Once we have a direction, we use this to focus our actions and decisions in the next phases of the model. Without direction, you risk being reactive or feeling like you’re constantly busy, without making any progress. Direction is what will give purpose to your actions.
  2. Mindset: We’ll then look at having the right mindset for positive change and improvements. We’ll treat improvement as a journey and recognize that we’re humans, with our fluctuating moods, emotions, and energy levels all having an impact on our progress. Up and down weeks are normal, and it’s important to recognize that it’s not the end of the world if we have an off-week. Without the right mindset, you risk getting frustrated with the process or giving up early.
  3. Mindful Action: Plan-do-review is an example of mindful action and is a common model in change. After the theory of the first two steps, this is the practical element, where all the doing happens. Following this step will ensure that our actions are considered and mindful. We’ll experiment, continue with what works for us, and drop what doesn’t.

The Schedule

Each week of this course, we’ll dive deeper into one of these concepts, as well as look at some examples of tools and techniques you can use to create a system that works for you.

For weeks 1 and 2, we’ll focus on the “Direction” module. This will involve us taking stock of where we are in the first week, and during the second week, we’ll work on finding our compass point/aim to guide our actions for the rest of the course.

In week 3, we’ll look at our mindset – how to focus on the things within our control, a new model for progress, and how to be your own detective to focus on the system.

Then, weeks 4, 5, and 6 will be covering all the aspects of mindful action – exploring how best to plan, do, and review your goals and progress.

I guarantee that if you schedule the time to complete the exercises each week, you will see an improvement in your direction, mindset, and relationship with goal-setting and self-improvement.

If you’re interested in going through this with us then sign up to our Discord, or subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos. We’ll be starting week 1 of the course in the next post – I hope to see you there.