Hey everyone, Stephen here! This final video of our 6-week reset course dives into the crucial stage of reflection. While planning and action are vital, it’s reflecting on your progress that unlocks significant self-growth and goal achievement.

Reflection – Not a tick-box

Unlike traditional “reflective essays” that often feel like a chore and a tick-box exercise, reflection within this context is a powerful tool for improvement. Let’s explore strategies to set yourself up for success in this area.

Schedule Time to Reflect

Short, frequent reflection sessions are key. Consider reflecting just before bed or upon waking for daily goal setting. Aim for just 2 minutes daily to identify areas for celebration and areas for improvement. Integrate reflection time into your calendar alongside planning and action sessions.

Reflection - schedule time

Head, Heart, Hands: A Framework for Change

Chip and Dan Heath’s “Switch” model inspires our “Head, Heart, Hands” framework to optimise lasting change. Let’s revisit a sample goal: doing 30 minutes of yoga daily.

  • Head (Logic):
    Clear, concise goals minimize overthinking. Our reflection reveals picking the yoga video beforehand boosted success.

  • Heart (Motivation): Identify what fuels your motivation and address roadblocks. Perhaps initial excitement about new yoga gear faded; explore ways to make yoga more appealing.

  • Hands (Environment): Set up your environment for success. Recurring alarms, laying out yoga clothes, and minimizing distractions all help.

Review the System, Not Yourself

We’re detectives analysing our system, not assigning blame. We tweak the system for better results. Experiment with different approaches and keep what works.

Reflection as a Habit

By reflecting regularly and implementing the Head, Heart, Hands approach, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals and ensuring those changes lead to lasting improvement.

Bonus: There are two downloadable worksheets this week. One details reflection practices and the other summarises the course for future use.

Wrapping Up

This concludes the reset course! Thank you for joining me. I hope you found valuable tips and tricks to integrate into your life.

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Thanks, everyone, and best of luck in nailing your goals!


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