Hi everyone, Stephen here and welcome to week 2 of our New Year’s Reset. Hopefully, by now you’ll have watched the previous videos, set time aside to complete week 1’s exercise and have an idea of your pillars of a successful life. If you haven’t done this yet, I’d highly recommend clicking on the link to the previous video. If you have, then great! This week we’ll be building on this foundation and identifying our current ‘compass point’ – let’s get started. 

So, the way I’d like you to think of this is as if you’re about to take a road trip. Discovering our pillars in Week 1 is our foundation, it’s making sure we have everything we need for the trip; we’ve pumped up the tires, made sure we’ve got a suitably epic playlist and have the right people in the car to share those ‘road trip’ good times with. 

Now, in week 2 we’re deciding on the destination of our road trip.

In my coaching work, two of the most common issues I encounter with my clients is a feeling of overwhelm, or a lack of purpose in life. In each of these cases we’ll do some work on identifying a destination. In my sessions I call this, finding your ‘compass point’. 

I use the analogy of a ‘compass point’ to represent the direction you want your life to go in at the moment. Once you know your compass point, you can use it to guide your ‘journey’, your decisions, the steps you want to take and bring you back to centre if you happen to temporarily veer off course (which we all do from time-to-time). A compass point provides us with more purpose and helps reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Notice that it’s a compass point and not a map. It’s important to give yourself the flexibility to explore new routes and experiences, there also might be unforeseen obstacles in your way that you have to navigate and may slow you down a bit… or you might even find a shortcut! With your compass point you always know which direction you’re moving, even if you don’t know specifically how to get there. As you’ll see later on in the course, you don’t necessarily need to know all the steps to get to your destination when you set off… it’s more than fine to take things one step at a time. 

Your compass point doesn’t have to be a life-long dream or ambition, but it should be a big enough aim/goal that would require at least a few months of focus as you’ll use it to guide other decisions. Maybe you identified something you want to work on with your pillars from week 1, or it might be another goal you have in mind – perhaps you want to quit your 9-5 to start your own business. It might be that you want to buy a house, live in another country for a year, or just simply to say “yes” more.

As with your compass point, all of these examples will affect your choices in life if you want to achieve them. You might have to dedicate some of your leisure time to build up that small business, or eat out less and meal prep if you want to save for that house, or you might have to put time aside to organise your social calendar, take up new hobbies or put yourself in situations to improve your confidence.

So, our goal for this week is to identify our current compass point. I’ve attached a link to this week’s worksheet in the description. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete, so either take some time to complete it after this video, or get your calendar out and schedule some time for some point this week. 

Remember to share your progress with the other people taking the course in the Discord Server or in the comments section.

See you next time for week 3, where we’ll be moving on from the ‘Direction’ module and exploring the ‘Mindsets’ that will set you up for success when we start taking action in week 4. 

Have a good week everyone, and I’ll see you next time.